Beef Producers,
We are excited to introduce our latest group of performance bulls for sale.  If you are looking for genetics with calving ease, growth, docility and carcass merit, you will find these in Poppe Bulls from Horseshoe Hill Ranch.  Over 30 years of breeding using the industry’s top genetics created this exceptional group of 70 Angus, SimAngus and Red Angus Bulls for Sale.
You are invited to our Private Treaty Bull Sale on Monday Feb 11, 2019 from 11:00am-1:30pm at the farm, 89079 544 Ave, Bloomfield Nebraska.

The bulls will be penned for your viewing and will be competitively priced. To make sure everyone has a fair chance at all the bulls we will have a bidding component to the sale.  Each pen will have a “bid board” for silent auction style bidding!  Bidding starts at 11:00am and around 1:30 we begin closing bids.  After the auction any remaining bulls will be sold on a first come first serve basis. You are welcome to stop by the farm to see the bulls before sale day.
The bulls were grown on a high roughage, low energy diet and did not get creep feed through the summer pasture season.  With this feeding philosophy we by no means maximized pounds in a “feed yard test” but intend to maximize his value and duration in your pastures.  While looking through the website take note of how Poppe Bulls compare to the competition, we think you will like what you discover!
Poppe Bulls check all the boxes!  We have the performance and pedigrees you want, proven by higher accuracy DNA enhanced EPDs, so buy your Poppe Bulls with confidence.  Take this opportunity to elevate your breeding program by joining us on Feb 11th for our Private Treaty Bull Sale and take advantage of the value of a Poppe Bull!
We are looking forward to seeing you on February 11th.  Lunch will be served.
Jay Poppe
Gary Poppe

--Horseshoe Hill Ranch will retain ½ semen interest on the bulls--